Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It would a Supertable among regular Tables.

In our house, the presence of teenagers and two-year-olds means that Sweetie and I have always had to choose, when buying furniture, between two options:

Option 1: Buy cheap furniture so that when The Boy spills ginger ale on it and then goes to bed without even making an attempt to clean it up, we won't be out a lot of money. (And we'll get used to our couch smelling like ginger ale)


Option 2: Buy expensive furniture and then wonder whether the marks made by the toy trucks rolling over them appear to blend in with the expensive wood grain on the coffee table.

Neither of those is a great choice, but we may have another option: furniture from Lexington Furniture at Discount Quality Furniture. Lexington Furniture is sold online from Discount Quality Furniture, which means no high-pressure salespeople, no drafty warehouse stores, no time-consuming trips around town, and they've got great, great furniture.

Shopping at the site is completely easy, too - -just click around, get views of the furniture from all angles, get sales specs and information about it, and the price is right there online, so you can see if it's in your price range right away.

The one that caught my eye today is the "Central Park" dining table shown here. I like to sit at my desk in my office and imagine a dining table that doesn't have ground in Kool-Aid stains, that doesn't wobble when people walk by it -- because it's legs have not been weakened, over the years, by being repeatedly rammed with one of our many vacuum cleaners as people try (sometimes as many as fifteen times in row) to vacuum crumbs near the leg without actually lifting the table leg (only to then give up and leave the crumbs there).

A man can dream... and maybe sneak the credit card out of Sweetie's purse and surprise the whole family with a new dining table. One that's vacuum, truck, and ginger ale- resistant.

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