Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Sharks were 0-13: (Take Stock 1)

Take Stock is a new feature where I will talk about the things I have in a given location.

The Top Of My Dresser: This is the cleanest the top of my dresser ever is, typically. Shown here, moving roughly from left to right:

  • The Calvin & Hobbes bound collection. On top of that is a cat statue that actually belongs to Sweetie, and an old Father's Day card from Middle.
  • The softball signed by my old softball team, "The Sharks."
  • My priceless collection of LPs, including the outermost one, a double album of Duran Duran's live "Arena." Hidden in there, though, are some very old, extremely valuable Beatles' LPs, and a record by "Trip Shakespeare," as well as an extended cut of "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.
  • Then there's the tiny drawer that holds my old glasses and videotapes from when we had a non-digital video camera, with a mirror above it. The mirror has pictures of Mr F and Mr Bunches taped to it, plus the ripped-off hand from the first "Elmo So Big" book they went through, plus a note that reminds me that if I ever reach a day where my black pants no longer fit, I'm going on a diet.
  • Also on the tiny drawer shelf: "Art," the wooden guy who for a while was a model I used back when I still was trying to teach myself to draw, and
  • "The Romance Wine Glass," which contains mementos of various dates and trips that Sweetie and I have taken in our time together.
  • Miscellaneous objects on top of the drawer include a picture of Sweetie at the Chicago Art Institute, looking at a statue, the cologne and aftershave I got for Christmas or my birthday or something, and a "Christmas Ball" from our trip to Jack In The Box when we went to Las Vegas four years ago.
  • There is a very-hard-to-see Red & Blue Buffalo Bills Beanie Baby Bear.
  • Sitting on the dresser itself: A book I borrowed from a secretary at work and then read half of before getting bored; a letter I have to take into the office and deal with, last week's Isthmus newspaper that I keep forgetting to throw out
  • And a "Mom" heart statue that also belongs to Sweetie.
  • And a picture of a stained-glass art display from the Chicago Art Institute, a picture I took before reading the sign that said I shouldn't be taking pictures of it,
  • And the New Yorker magazine I swiped from the Courthouse, and
  • A Mr. Potato Head ear.

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