Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2/3 Videos, 1/3 Books: (3 Good Things)

I never really know what to expect when I walk into the house after work... but sometimes it leads to one of the 3 Good Things that keep me cheery the next day...

1. The song itself is okay, but not good enough to make the list of 3 Good Things. What did make the list of 3 Good Things is seeing how much Sweetie loved Andy Samberg's newest song. She loved it so much that it was the post-dinner soundtrack, providing the perfect after-dinner sounds:

2. Later, last night, the second of the three good things occured when Mr F decided that everyone had to sit and watch Youtube with him. We put on Laughing Baby, and as it played, Mr F made me and Sweetie both sit on the couch, in assigned seats, and watch it with him:

3. And the third good thing wasn't a video at all; it was the fact that I'm about 70 pages into Corelli's Mandolin, and it's turning out to be quite good -- a surprise, since I started it out of boredom and didn't have high hopes for the book at all.

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lisapepin said...

I loved Corelli's Mandolin. The movie was a disappointment, though. If I were underlining passages, I would have underlined the one about the "va fanculo" response to the request to surrender. "This was not appropriate language for diplomacy."