Friday, July 24, 2009

In my life, the hard work never really began.

With the completion of the hard work on the Perpetually Under Construction Perennial Garden in our yard... no more digging, no more hauling brick, no more other digging... all that's left is to populate the Perennial Garden with stuff for people to look out. Trees, flowers, bushes, decorative grass... and, most important, a hummingbird feeder.

People making gardens always focus on the plants and forget about the most important element, the animals. I like trees and bushes as much as the next guy, but when I'm sitting in our backyard/perennial garden relaxing after a hard day's "work" and watching Mr Bunches and Mr F take turns dropping things into their wading pool, I want to see birds flying around, and no bird is more spectacular or welcome than hummingbirds.

That's because, first of all, they're like 3 inches long and yet they migrate from Mexico to all over the United States, making them among the most active and toughest of birds. And secondly, they're beautiful: shiny, bright-colored, darting here and there and hovering around. I want our yard filled with hummingbirds. And, thanks to, I can. not only has birdfeeders specifically designed to attract hummingbirds, but also information on just what they eat and how they act, so that I can prepare the backyard to attract them in droves. I know, from their site, that hummingbirds eat bees and wasps, too, and that the Calliope Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the US, likes scrub and bushes to sit in.

Plus, through, I can order the hummingbird feeders online and have them shipped right to me, at a great price... which is good, because, like I said, the hard work is over.

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