Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why didn't the Gilligan's Island people live in the trees, too?

So you've got your iPhone, and you've used it to make some calls, to identify some music, to play some kind of driving game, and to find a restaurant that serves Calamari... pretty much all the things that the commercial told you could be done.

Now what?

How about maybe use your iPhone for something useful -- like finding a place to live? Or do you think that apartments and houses grow on trees? They don't, you know. Except in that world where the Keebler elves live. And the Swiss Family Robinson's island. Although the Swiss Family Robinson's home didn't grow on the tree, they built it there, didn't they? I think they did. Funny how they built it without tools, even. Or did they have tools?

You know who didn't have any tools? Tom Hanks in Cast Away. That's why he couldn't build himself a great house that looked like it grew on a tree.

I digress. You need a place to live, and you need it soon, and what're you going to do, go look at a bunch of fliers on the college bulletin board for people looking for roommates? I think not.

Instead of doing things the loser, old-fashioned way, why not check out the free new App, MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store.

MyNewPlace is the hottest app around, and it's available for the very affordable cost of NOTHING right now. It lets you search more than 6 million rental listings nationwide, and you can search them by city & state, or ZIP code, or, coolest of all, by using GPS to find apartments near your actual physical location.

The app lets you filter by almost any criteria: amenities, how many bedrooms, even PET POLICIES. And, right there on the App, you can store your thoughts and photos so that you can keep track of which ones you like and which ones you don't.

MyNewPlace is brought to you by a 3-Time Business Week "Best of the Web" award winner My New Place, one of the largest apartment sites around. Find out more by going to the app store, or check out this link:


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