Saturday, July 25, 2009

What to give parents expecting a baby.

Everyone frets over what gifts to give to expectant parents... blankets? Cribs? Diaper service? Cute little bibs with take-offs of once-popular sayings on them? (I'm sorry, you've been voted off the nursery school...) But there should be no worrying and no discussion: The best gift to give expectant parents is the gift of protecting that child's life far into the future: A Cryo-Cell gift.

Cryo-Cell is the company that lets you collect and store cord blood when a baby is born, preserving stem cells (in a noncontroversial, easy way) for future use in protecting that child from adult harms. Umbilical cord stem cells can treat 75 different diseases and help in transplants.

And Cryo-Cell knows how to collect and store those cells, preserving them for the future when that little baby may need them; they're the world leader in that.

Right now, Cryo-Cell is concerned that with the economy down, people may not do this, and they think (and I agree) that this investment is more important than any number of cute bibs. So they're offering a special deal to help ease any financial burden a Cryo-Cell investment in a baby's future might pose, by lowering the price.

They're doing that through the "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" offer: Between now and midnight on July 26th, if you enroll yourself (or someone else, as a gift) in Cryo-Cell, using promotional code:995PS you'll get special pricing on UCORD enrollment -- only $995, a saving of over $700..

You could also choose to enroll in the Signature UCORD service program, with exclusive C'elle Service thrown in, for the extra-low price of $1299 by sighing up and using promotional code: P2PS

So forget the bibs and blankets -- take advantage of a special price and give a baby the gift of life.


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