Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oldest needs more help than just some quick money, that's for sure.

Oldest got herself into a minor car accident the other day -- nobody was hurt, but she was ticketed and that's her third traffic ticket in the last few weeks, which means that she's going to be short on money for a while.

She did what she always does in those situations -- come to us and ask for a loan. But Oldest has tapped out her line of credit with us (she still owes us for the couch and chair she bought back in November, for one thing). I suggested that she try another option: go pick up additional shifts at work or maybe get a second job. You can imagine how popular
those ideas were with her.

People like Oldest, whether or not they deliberately get themselves into those binds or just accidentally, need something they can do to weather the rough times, though, and I'm not unsympathetic to her. Even if she were to go pick up some other shifts at work, she wouldn't get paid for those immediately -- she'd have to wait until her paycheck comes through, so there's no quick fix there.

That's where an online cash advance might help someone in her shoes -- letting her get a little money, quickly, to tide her over until she can get that extra pay coming in or find a second job (or a better first job, I suppose.)

Cash advances and payday loans should never be taken out lightly, and nobody should borrow money unless it's an absolute emergency, but in the right situation, they sure can help.

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