Friday, July 24, 2009

All The Questions Of All The Days I Had Questions.

Ask good questions... the only advice anyone will ever need. Here are mine:

1. Is it true what they say about a fear of heights?

2. Why back into a parking space?

3. Why would an air conditioner need a remote control?

56. The Xbox question.

57. "How is that ironic?"

58. If you jump up in the air in a spaceship, and just stay free-falling while the spaceship keeps moving in the same direction, eventually would you drift towards the back of the spaceship if you waited long enough?

59: How much do you have to buy at McDonald's to use their playland without being a freeloader?

60: Am I a good person because I take my shopping carts to that little pen in the parking lot?

61: How old were you when you began actively comparing your age to other people's?

62: What if a spider flew up your nose?

Do you agree with me that there is a difference between garbage and a garage sale?

64: Is it wrong, if, when I go to get ice cubes out of the refrigerator and one drops on the floor, I just kick that ice cube off into a corner somewhere rather than expend the effort to pick it up and put it in the sink?

65: Was I required to talk to her?

66: Did you tell the Boy we're going to get a McFlurry?

67: Can you tell us apart?

68: How much money would it take...

69. Why is blue raspberry blue?

70. Why do we sell beverages in multiples of six?

71. Is downhill good or bad?

72. Why do we say "off limits?"

73: Can you cheat on a magazine subscription?

74. Why aren't all rivers perfectly straight by now?

75. Why do we bother sealing up croutons?

76. Why do we need two kinds of pink-eye?

77. How happy are clams, really?

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