Friday, July 24, 2009

Mr Bunches was my Cat Search Deputy (3 Good Things)

It's Friday! 3 Good Things from yesterday to keep me cheery today! And it's Friday!

1. Mr Bunches helping me chase our cat Scruffy Jean MacDougal last night while we played in the yard. All I had to do was say "Let's go find Scruffy" and he'd say Ok and grab my hand and we'd head off on a search-and-rescue to bring Scruffy back home.

2. Hanging out, at the end of the night, with Sweetie and Middle and The Boy, just chatting before we went to bed. That doesn't happen often enough, that we all sit around just talking.

3. Waffles for dinner!

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lisapepin said...

You have breakfast for dinner a lot. Will you adopt me?