Monday, July 20, 2009

Who knows what other little fibs women tell? What if they don't think liking comic books is sexy?

It's tough being pregnant.

Or so I hear. I wouldn't know myself, of course. And who knows? Maybe it's not tough being pregnant. Maybe that's just a myth that women put out there, something that women say so that men will take pity on them and buy them ice cream for nine months? Maybe pregnancy isn't so bad, after all; maybe it's pretty good. It wouldn't surprise me at all, now that I think about it.

But whether or not being pregnant is a piece of cake -- and, let's keep in mind, it probably is -- one thing that remains tough is finding decent maternity clothes. I know because I helped Sweetie try to find something decent to wear when she was pregnant with the Babies! and we couldn't really find anything that would (a) fit her and (b) not make her look ridiculous, boring, or both.

And when there were decent maternity clothes, they cost a fortune. When a woman is pregnant, and maybe having a difficult time with that (or maybe not...) and the family is expecting a kid, or kids, and the clothes will only be worn for a short time, who wants to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes.

Not me.

I wish, then, that we'd known about Kiki's Fashions. That's the company that sells the clothes pictured on this entry, and that's the company that not only sells those kind of stylish maternity clothes, but sells them for as much as 75% less than most other places -- saving money while also letting pregnant women look sharp.

Kiki's Fashions has it all: short sleeves, long sleeves, dresses, plus-size maternity clothes, and for these dog days of summer, tank tops. Maternity tank tops! Can you believe it?

Check them out: I bet you'll like their fashions, too. And, for a limited time only, I can get you an extra 20% off, just because I'm so nice. What you do is go buy stuff at Kiki's Fashions, and then at checkout, use the code blogfriends, and you'll get another 1/5 knocked off the bill.

In exchange for that discount, just don't tell Sweetie I said all that stuff about pregnancy not being hard, okay?

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