Friday, July 24, 2009

This is precisely what I needed to guarantee that I'll never become a productive member of society.

I wasn't exactly in danger of running out of things to distract me from ever actually working, but things just got a little worse with my discovery, this morning, of

DominoChamp lets me play dominoes, online, for free, in tournaments, and gives me a chance to win prizes, too -- winning in a perfectly legal way. It's like poker, but without all the lame-osity that Poker has come to have; I mean, seriously, can anyone, anymore, hear the word poker without mentally picturing a bunch of jerky frat-boys in sunglasses planning a trip to Atlantic City? I can't, and that's not an image I want.

But dominoes, online at DominoChamp, provides the same kind of skill-and-random-luck fun that card games offer, while at the same time being less jerky and more family-friendly. It's dominoes, the same game you played with your brothers when you were kids on the kitchen table, but it's dominoes online with a chance to win prizes, and to have some fun while doing it, thanks to neat little features like a trash-talking option that lets you taunt the people you're playing against.

And it's not just one kind of game, either -- they've got all the varieties of domino games to try out, and you can play online against others, people around the world. Moms at home, soldiers on leave, even, say, lawyers who really should be doing a little billable work now and then.

Not that I know anyone who fits that category.

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