Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mr F is the one pictured in this post; you may not recognize him with his pants on. (3 Good Things)

Yesterday, on my way home from work I noted that yet another road was under construction, so there is officially now no route between my office and my home that doesn't have construction on it... but I remain optimistic because of the 3 Good Things from yesterday that I focus on:

1. We had guests over last night -- a couple of our friends, just to hang out -- and midway through the night, they were treated to Mr F streaking them, running through the living room sans clothes in a bid for attention.

2. I got through all 116 emails that had piled up between last Monday and this Monday -- meaning I got caught up on a week out of the office in just two days, a record for me.

3. This song, "Oh Daniel" somehow being on my Ipod. It's by a guy named Niklas Tafra, and I have no idea how it got on my iPod but I'm glad it did, because I listened to it while driving through the construction-ridden city:

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