Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's "Down...To Go", Sweetie's-Lame-80s-Music Edition. (84 Down, 9,664 to go)

Sweetie has many great qualities, far too many to list even if the entire Internet was available for just that purpose. And there is little to balance those great qualities, because Sweetie has only flaw: Her taste in music and movies.

I suppose that could be two flaws, but I'm going to count them just as one, especially because sometimes her taste in music and movies comes together in one spectacular conflagration of terrible, as it does in song 84.

I don't want song 84 on my iPod, but it's there, because I share an iTunes with Sweetie and the kids, which means there is a fair amount of godawful music on my iPod, and a fair amount of that is Sweetie's horrible, horrible music. And of all the horrible, terrible music Sweetie likes, song 84 is by... far... the... worst. So I give you the newest song on my iPod, just added today: Dancing In Heaven by "Q-Feel."

That song is awful on so many levels. I wouldn't have liked it just on the basis of the title. I wouldn't have liked it just based on it being sung by "Q-Feel." (That's the kind of name that you hear and choke on your tongue and say I'm sorry, what'd you say? because you thought maybe the person was kidding you, or had a stroke just before saying the name.)

But then I didn't like it even more (less?) because of the air-traffic-controllers-meets-aerobics video, because of Q-Feel's (really?) perv-stache topping off his Tour De Pedophile outfit, and I didn't like it even more/less because it was off the soundtrack to the movie Girls Just Want To Have Fun, which is a movie that Sweetie loved for reasons that remain a mystery to anyone who has ever watched five minutes of that movie-- and only Sweetie has ever watched more than five minutes of that movie, because only Sweetie had any interest in watching a movie which can best be described as "Exactly like Footloose, but with less Kevin Bacon and more hair scrunchies."

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