Monday, July 20, 2009

There were also meatball subs; you know you had a good day when meatball subs is the FOURTH best thing that happened. (3 Good Things)

Back to work. Monday. Plus it's still cold today. That makes my 3 Good Things from yesterday all the more necessary to keeping my spirits up today...

1. Watching Monster House with Mr Bunches, and seeing him say "No, no don't!" when a character was about to walk into the Monster House. (Then he hid behind the couch during another scary part, so we went to do something else.)

2. Homemade Chocolate-Chip Milkshakes for dinner. Now, that's living!

3. I finished up the hard part of the Perennial Garden Project: the Path To Nowhere is gone, and the bricks are all laid and the holes are all dug and from here on out, it's in nature's hands, not mine.

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