Monday, July 27, 2009

Pine Cones (3 Good Things From 7/26/09)

Here's 3 Good Things from Sunday:

1. Addition-by-subtraction: I got a couple of bushes and a tree chopped down in our backyard, clearing out a lot of overgrowth and freeing up a good view of a pine tree, and the Eventual Perennial Garden looks all the better for it.

2. Ray Liotta showing up, for some reason, in Bee Movie, which I watched parts of last night with the Babies! and Sweetie after their baths to wind them down before bed. (Didn't work.)

3. Mr. F took his pine cone in the tub with him. I found a pine cone in the back yard and showed it to Mr F, explaining what it was. He then carried the pine cone around the rest of the evening and all the way through his bath, leaving it behind only when it was time to get out of the tub.

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