Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Long Drive Home Edition of 3 Good Things (3 Good Things from 7/29/09)

I had to go to Milwaukee and back yesterday, and all 3 Good Things are culled from the drive home:

1. For a bit, on the ride, there was, off to my left, a deep blue darkening of the sky as the sun began to set. Barely visible in that deep blue was a slightly-less deep shade of bluish-gray caused by clouds spreading out in the shape of a giant hand, making it look as though a ghostly enormous kindly hand was reaching out of the sky to pat the world on the head.

2. There's a point, when the sun sets just right and you're driving along I-90/94 from Milwaukee, where the trees along the road become dark shadowy silhouettes. As you drive along, the trees appear to be solid black paper-cutouts framed against the fading light of the sun, but when you get closer the trees suddenly open up and become a myriad of light-and-shadow, with seemingly each leaf outlined in black against the yellow-gold background. I love that.

3. When I got home, the house was quiet and dark and everyone had already gone to bed, but waiting for me in the oven was a plate of pizza.

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