Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 of the 5 senses are representin'... (3 Good Things From 7/25/09)

As always, it's hard to narrow down such a great day to only 3 Good Things so I got creative:

1. The sound that spaghetti sauce makes when it starts to boil, that thick blomp that can be felt by your ears and heard by your taste buds.

2. The sight of popcorn popping on the stove through the glass lid of the pan. Have you ever just sat and watched popcorn begin to pop? One, then another, then five at once, and then suddenly it's just exploding.

3. The feel of icy-cold river water and smooth river-bottom sand flowing through my Crocs as I waded with Mr F and Mr Bunches at the Secret Spot.

1 comment:

lisapepin said...

You had me right up until the word "Crocs."