Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'd like some insurance against my pants getting tighter for no reason.

One of the things that I see almost every day in my practice is people with no vehicle insurance, and the problems that come from having no vehicle insurance. The problem is so big that Wisconsin is the latest state to simply require that people have auto insurance -- passing a law recently to kick in sometime in the future that changes the longstanding practice of not requiring insurance.

But whether or not you're required to have insurance, you need it, because without it, you may be unable to pay for your car if it's in an accident -- and you may be unable to pay the damages the other side demands if the accident is your fault. And in some states (Wisconsin, again), getting in an accident while uninsured can result in losing your driver's license.

But finding insurance isn't easy, and finding the best insurance requires a lot of work -- unless you go with a quality insurance broker like

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So get yourself some insurance, and use Autonetsinsurance to make sure it's the best, and most affordable insurance available.

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lisapepin said...

Wow! I thought Wisconsin had always required drivers to have insurance. I learn something every time I visit your blog.