Saturday, August 01, 2009

We don't have the shirt anymore. We gave it to a ball team to use it as a tarp to haul across the infield when it rains.

I remember when Sweetie was pregnant with the Babies!, how much trouble she had finding anything that fit her and which she wanted to wear. Before-- and after -- the pregnancy, Sweetie was and is a very stylish woman, with clothes that were up-to-date and fit well and looked nice. She had great dresses and outfits for the office and casual-night-out clothes.

DURING the pregnancy, though, Sweetie had a pair of sweatshorts, and a giant t-shirt that I made specially for her off a website (Size: "You wouldn't believe me if I told you.") That's about it -- for nine months.

I know it bugged her, and it made me feel bad, and it probably makes other pregnant women and fathers-to-be bugged/feeling bad. Because why does pregnancy mean the end of fashion? Why does having a bun in the oven mean that women have to have a bathrobe as their outfit of choice for nine months?

Why can't more maternity clothes look like the Due Maternity dress shown here? Stylish and nice and made of good material and affordable (that's for people like me, who won't get pregnant but will want to save money)-- it's everything a woman wants in a dress, whether she's pregnant or not.

But especially when she's pregnant. I wish I'd known about the maternity clothes from Due Maternity back 3 years ago, because they've got great pants and tops and dresses, and Sweetie could have been dressed in style throughout her pregnancy, instead of dressed in that t-shirt and shorts she had to keep wearing and washing and wearing and washing.

Due Maternity lets pregnant women still dress the way they want to-- in nice clothes that don't shy away from showing that the woman is expecting, but instead incorporate it into an outfit that says I'm pregnant and I look nice -- and isn't that the message you want your pregnant wife, girlfriend, mom, or friend to send?

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