Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's important to keep you aware of the things I'm aware of. It helps promote blogodiversity.

What I'm Writing:

In part 17, I explore why my meeting with a Supreme Court Justice turns out ultimately to be nothing but a walk-on part. (Thinking The Lions)

What'd you used to do in college? I used to have fun, and I still should be...(The Best of Everything)

First some magic tricks. Then the end of the world. Joe's first show went off without a hitch, thanks to a little help from ancient Mayan secrets, and Conan O'Brien. (AfterDark.)

Sue someone, and have them pay your attorney? It can be done. (Family And Consumer Law: The Blog)

These tables are tiny: At an awkward dinner with Ivy, Bumpy remembers their first "real" date... (5 pages)

I thought I was that interesting: I like The Intern's tips on writing memoirs. (Aaaaughh!)

Why is Brigitte shooting at Rachel? Talk about awkward: When Rachel's pregnant lover shows up again in a flying saucer, the first thing she does is start shooting. (Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!)

Facebook Me! Or whatever the verb is.

What I'm Reading And Listening To:

She says she doesn't make sense but she does... Angela's blog I Speak seems to be talking about my family. (I Speak.)

Socialized medicine is one thing, but socialized grape growing? Lisa's got some insight into champagne. The kind of insight that can only come from drinking a lot of it, I assume. (Lost In Provence)

I heard of them first: this music blog has free downloads (hopefully legal...) and a crush on Florence and the Machine. (Selective Service)

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