Friday, July 31, 2009

You could put a picture of me on there, if you wanted to. Although your kids will probably wonder who I am.

I don't know why people feel a gift card isn't a good gift; I think it's a great gift, and I like getting them. I like getting them, in fact, more than any other present, including cash.

If you give me a present, you might get something I like, and you might not. If you give me cash, I could buy something I want, but I'm more likely to just use it to pay bills or put gas in the car or something.

But if you give me a gift card, you're not only letting me get something I like, but you're making sure that I use the money to buy something I want, instead of paying bills -- so a gift card to a store I like is especially welcome, more so than any other gifts.

The only thing I've never liked about gift cards is that they're so bland. I like to personalize gifts, too, and make the person think I put some thought into the gift.

Now, with GiftCardLab, I can do that. GiftCardLab lets me give personalized gift cards by uploading the picture of my choice to their site, and then having it put on a gift card to use. And the gift cards they offer are all Visa gift cards, so they can be used almost anywhere the person might want to go shopping.

Here's a thought, too -- companies can use the gift cards as advertising and promotions: Upload the company logo or emblem, then get some gift cards to give to employees as rewards or bonuses, and hand them out to valued customers or clients, who will like not only getting the gift, but who will then see your logo everytime they go shopping. Instant goodwill, instant advertising -- and uploading and customizing are no-charge: the cards aren't any more expensive than other gift cards.

So give gift cards to your heart's content, and make them more personal by putting a picture of you, your grandkid, your cat, anything, on there, thanks to GiftCardLab.

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