Saturday, August 01, 2009

Question of the Day, 66

Did you tell The Boy we're going to get a McFlurry?
-- Me, yesterday afternoon.

This became an important question last night when Sweetie and I and Middle took the Babies! for a ride after dinner to get some ice cream and unwind. The Babies! like car rides, and Middle and Sweetie like McFlurries.

It was important, though, because of what happened earlier in the week. Earlier in the week, I'd taken Sweetie to get a McFlurry (and the Babies! for a ride), only to come home and find that The Boy had gotten back from football practice, and he was disappointed and pouty that he hadn't gotten a McFlurry.

So the next night, Sweetie and I ran to the library and bookstore, and on the way home, I offered to stop and get her a McFlurry, figuring that I could also pick one up for The Boy and he would then feel mollified from the night before. Only Sweetie decided that she didn't want one, and I deemed it not important enough to stop and get The Boy a McFlurry if nobody else wanted one.

That brings us up to Friday night, when I pulled into McDonald's and asked the Question of the Day, following it up with "Does he want one?"

Sweetie said "No, I didn't tell him. He's going to a movie."

So The Boy didn't get a McFlurry for the third time this week.

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