Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't bother telling me Elvis is dead. What do I look like, a sucker who buys your corporate line? Uh-uh. (I don't look like that, do I?)

I'm going to start a band. I just decided.

I'm going to start a band because (a) bands are cool, and (b) I can then get free band t-shirts to wear around. Band t-shirts have really gone out of style, it seems. Nobody wears band t-shirts anymore. When's the last time you saw someone wearing a cool band t-shirt? Probably way back in the olden days (2002). And even then, it was probably some terrible band, like "The Rolling Stones" instead of some cool band like "Big Audio Dynamite II" or "Material Issue."

So I'm going to start a band in order to create cool band t-shirts which I can then sell to people, and also wear myself for free, which in turn will not only give me free t-shirts (that being a primal driving force in my life: GET FREE T-SHIRTS, my subconscious is always screaming at me) but will also make me rich (from selling the t-shirts) and will also bring back the band t-shirt as a fashion icon.

I can do all that, easily, with the shirt printing available at, the leader in t-shirt printing -- they'll create your t-shirt with your company's... or team's... or BAND... logo on it and they'll do it with style and class and quality, and do it for a lot less than most places. They'll give you free shipping, no screen charges or art fees, and they can get your shirt back to you in just ONE WEEK. Plus, they have only a 6-shirt minimum, so smaller orders are fine, which means that I don't need a very LARGE band.

Auditions start today. Prior band experience is a plus -- so if you're Chris Martin, Bono, or Elvis, you go to the front of the line.

tz is here to offer incredible pricing, free shipping, no screen charges, no art fees, no set up fees, low 6 piece minimums and an incredibly quick 1 week turnaround time on your orders

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