Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clouds rule. (3 Good Things From 7/27)

How often does work and commuting make the list of 3 Good Things? Not often enough...

1. When I had to run over to the courthouse on some official business, one of the judges mentioned to me that he'd seen this article and that my book sounded interesting. It was nice to get a small taste of celebrity. (My next step? Writing an article griping about how I never get any privacy.)

2. I upped my running speed, from 2.1 miles in 20 minutes to 2.25 miles in 20 minutes. That's an increase of... enough.

3. The clouds on the drive home from work were rising up over the horizon as the sun got behind them, making most of the clouds bluish-gray and soft-looking but around the edges, the sunlight turned them a hazy gleaming golden color.

1 comment:

lisapepin said...

Damn. For a guy who eats as many pizzas and breakfast pastries as you do, you run really fast. I can only do an eleven minute mile. And as a somewhat vertically challenged individual, I spend all two miles thinking "Which of the strangers in this gym would drive me to the hospital if I wipe out on this treadmill?" Smart money's on one of the guys who stares at me while I'm running as if he's watching the opening credits of Baywatch, probably. Although maybe that's forgivable. Maybe I'm so slow that it really does look like I'm running in slow motion.