Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One problem with not having enough money is that I have to borrow from the kids to buy my Snickers.

Being in debt isn't just one kind of problem -- not having enough money can do more than just create cash flow problems. It can result in credit cards being closed down, bank accounts being frozen, and even vehicles being repossessed. So if you're in debt, really in debt, it may not be enough to talk to someone about payment plans and lowering interest rates. You might have to avoid more drastic action by getting comprehensive help from someone who knows all the kinds of things that can happen to someone in debt.

Talk to someone like Abacus Debt Management, a company that can help not just with payment plans and debt adjustment, but also can help you get back money that you shouldn't have paid for credit protection, or work against repossession of your stuff.

Abacus has a simple debt analyzer that begins the process of getting your life back on track by asking you some questions about money going in and money going out. From there, they can give you information and solutions tailored to your needs, and they offer a free online advice guide to answer a lot of questions for you at no charge.

Abacus is more than just a "debt settlement" company-- they're a financial help group, aiming to work to solve the myriad of problems that can be created by not having enough money to go around.

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