Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Miami Vice stubble look will come back some day (3 Good Things From 7/28/09)

Some days are better than others, right Bono? But all days are better if you focus on at least 3 Good Things that happened to you the day before:

1. I found the book Mr B Gone by Clive Barker on sale, new and hardcover, for $5.98 -- it's a book I was going to buy long ago but I didn't because I bought Infinite Jest instead (waste of money...) and now I've found it and gotten it cheaper.

2. I got Standing on The Beach: The Singles and Regina Spektor's new album, Far, all in one day-- along with my new book. A banner day!

3. Mr F sent me off to bed with a smile after rubbing his cheek against my stubble before he went to bed.

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