Thursday, July 30, 2009

Someday, "Thinking The Lions" will be a worldwide empire of phenomenal proportions. (Cue maniacal laugh.)

Writing a blog means that you want the world to know what you think, do, feel, or smell like -- and maybe you want the world to take those thoughts and turn them into gold, offering you a book or movie or television show deal.

It's not so simple as that, though, is it? It's not "Oh, I wrote a blog and now I'm a millionaire." At least not for me, and probably not for you and probably not for anyone except that LOLCatz guy, and Diablo Cody (curse her eyes!)

In fact, blogging and doing it right (or, doing it... write!) (get it?) means knowing a lot more about a lot of things besides writing and cute pictures of cats. There's getting the right web host, there's marketing your blog, there's monetizing your blog through ads and things -- all a bunch of stuff that's hard to learn on your own and harder to do than post pictures of cute cats.

But with Web Hosting Geeks, you can learn how to turn your blog into spun Internet Gold (let's say, intergold. No? How about cybergold?) Web Hosting Geeks can find you the best, cheapest web hosting company around.(That's a company that lets you put up your site, and gives you a domain name -- but you knew that, right?) and they do more than that, too -- they'll link you up with Yahoo marketing offers (giving you a rundown of which are good and which are bad, in easy-to-read form) and links to getting Free Google Adwords' credits by choosing the right hosting opportunity, and for the more technological-minded, they've got email hosting reviews, ecommerce hosts, and even a blog that's loaded up with information on all that and more.

So, in between posting those pictures of cute cats and stories about your grandma, check out Web Hosting Geeks and maximize the exposure, links... and money... your blog makes.

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