Sunday, June 28, 2009

Genius should be rewarded by ice cream. (3 Good Things 10)

Saturday's Good Things just kept on coming, carrying me into Sunday like a surfer riding the crest of a wave off into the sunset. Or sunrise. I guess sunrise is more hopeful... okay. Sunrise it is. My 3 Good Things from yesterday:

1. I finally watched the movie Primer, which I'd DVRd weeks ago but had never gotten around to actually watching until yesterday. If I'd known it was so great, I'd have watched it immediately. How great was it? It was the kind of greatness that inspires me, later, while giving the Babies! a bath, to have a frank and honest discussion with Sweetie about time travel and how it would work. (Isn't Sweetie lucky?)

2. I realized how smart my Babies! are by watching Mr F figure things out. The thing he was figuring out? How to slip through a fence and jump into a river. We were on a fenced-in overlook taking a break from our "Long Walk." Mr F was dying to just get himself into the water, and he methodically, as I watched, tested each gap between the fence by putting his head up to it, over and over, until he reached the one that would let him slip his head through. (Luckily, I saw it coming and was ready to grab him back. Genius should be rewarded, but not with a 10-foot-fall into a river.)

3. The humidity broke! So now it's not "85 degrees and humid," but just "85 degrees." I can live with that.

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