Saturday, July 04, 2009

My number one tip: Choose to carry the lighter baby through the airport.

Last year, I took our tax refund and booked a trip to Florida -- plane, hotel, car, Sea World tickets, the whole shebang. Then, as the trip neared, I realized that we'd booked a trip that included then-2-year-olds and that I had no idea what rules applied. Did they have to sit on our laps on the plane? Could we take a stroller? Would there be car seats or did we have to take them with us? Was there anything for Babies! to do at the resort we were staying at?

I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and worry if I'd checked out, a site that has all kinds of tips on how to travel with baby -- or Babies!, as they've got tips on traveling with "multiples."

They've got more than that: links to book hotels, buy strollers and carriers,and even blogs related to baby travels -- and, maybe most helpful of all, you can read parent reviews of hotels based on baby friendliness. It's a one-stop Baby Travel site.

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