Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Movie criticism and a song? It's your lucky day. (Awesome covers of already awesome songs, 5)

Is it a cover of the song if the band covering the song is also the band that originally performed the song?

I make the rules around here, so, yes.

Today's cover and song, then, is Wishing Well, by The Airborne Toxic Event -- a name which, when I first heard about the band, I assumed that they'd taken the idea for from the M. Night Shymalan movie "The Happening." Then I thought maybe he took the idea for his movie from the band's name, as it was a movie that was bad enough to have been based on a band name instead of, you know, ideas. Then, I thought maybe there was some actual "airborne toxic event" that had inspired both the band and the movie, and then I thought maybe I should google that to find out, but then I remembered that I have a ton of work to do, so maybe later.

Anyway, here's the original version of Wishing Well:

And here is the acoustic cover version of that, by The Airborne Toxic Event, also.

I first heard this song in the acoustic version, and loved it. Then I bought the album and found out that only the electric version was on there, and I was disappointed and hated it, but then the electric version grew on me, so now I think maybe I like it better than the acoustic version after all. Probably because of that part where the singer gets all quiet. I'm complicated that way.

As a bonus, this song is one of the rare songs that I like that made it onto Sweetie's iPod. Although given her taste in music, that may not actually be a compliment.

Also: Don't you think that The Happening really had the potential to be a great movie? I was looking at that picture I posted here and I'm sad, really sad, that I was deprived of a great movie experience. M. Night took some great scary images and just pasted them into absolute junk. He owes us.

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