Monday, June 29, 2009

Question of the Day 62/Quote of the Day 29

What if a spider flew up your nose?
-- Sweetie.

Sweetie gets both the question and quote of the day. We were coming home from visiting my Mom on Friday and I saw a guy driving a convertible car; it was exactly the kind of day to have a convertible -- hot and sunny and bright.

This guy was leaning forward and trying to avoid the wind and otherwise looking uncomfortable, so I expressed, again, my oft-repeated viewpoint that I should get a convertible, not other people, because I know how to drive a convertible. I don't lean forward or put all the windows up but the top down, or all the other dumb things that are done by people who own convertibles but don't know how they're to be driven.

"I'd be a great convertible owner," I told Sweetie. "I have the right music, the right attitude, the right hair, even. It wouldn't even be blown in the wind and messed up. I would love a convertible car."

That's when Sweetie asked me her question.

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