Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm big on education. And cookies.

Competing in the economy today is all about being better and being one step ahead. As businesses restructure and more people join the work-seeking force, people who are recent college grads and people who have 20 years' experience, you're going to need both an edge and some education.

That's where attending an ohio business school comes in. Whether you've been recently laid off or are thinking about switching jobs, getting a bachelor's or advanced degree in business can't hurt. It'll help you know more and demonstrate more about the current market trends and economic factors, as well as familiarizing you with up-to-date information on technology, business theories, and products.

Even if you're secure in your job, getting more education isn't a bad idea: Companies are tighter with money these days and promotions are more fiercely contested. Getting a degree, or an additional degree, can help set you apart from your coworkers.

Education is the key to success when you're beginning your career, and it's the key to success in continuing it, too.

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