Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heck, I might order one now.

Stop to think for just a second about how far you walked today -- even on Sunday. So far today, I've walked into church, up to the playroom to drop off the Babies!, then back down, then around church, then back up to get the Babies!, then out to the car. Then I came into the office to do some "work," and had to walk from the parking garage to my office. I'll repeat that later and also stop off at the hardware store to get some bricks for the garden path and plant -- so that's more walking.

All that walking's not much for me -- I'm reasonably young and reasonably healthy (aside from being made of 90% corn chips at this point) but it obviously poses a problem for someone who has arthritis or uses an oxygen tank or has some other condition that limits their mobility.

For those people, I'm glad there's a way for them to get an electric scooter or power chair or other mobility-assistance device online -- something they can do now through The SCOOTER Store.

The SCOOTER Store will let people with mobility limitations search online for the right product for them -- whether it's a three- or four-wheel electric scooter to get around town, or a power chair to better get around in one's house -- and they seem reliable and knowledgeable. I guess they've been in business since 1991; it's hard to last nearly two decades unless you're trustworthy and reliable.

And, they say they'll work with your doctors to help determine what the best options might be and maximize Medicare or insurance benefits.

If I were to be hit with something that made it difficult, painful, or impossible to walk, I'd sure appreciate The SCOOTER Store. I'd hate to be limited in where I could go -- and the fact that they're online makes it even better, since that and their 1-800 number (1-800- 335-3202) make it possible to get the scooter without having to travel to one of their locations.

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