Friday, July 03, 2009

Actually, I think kids playing "Jon and Kate" might be kind of funny. (Dibs on that idea!)

I mentioned the other day how I'd found a childrens boutique that had actual cool clothes for kids, clothes that weren't just filled with helicopters or teddy bears, but instead were clothes that I would want to wear if I were a little kid - - and I knew that I'd want to wear them if I were a kid, because I wanted to wear them now, as an adult.

I stopped by that site again -- R&S Avenue, at -- and found something even better than the Beatles' t-shirts. Cowboys and Indians t-shirts.

If you are my age, or older, you'll probably get excited and all nostalgic over that, too, because my generation was the last one to ever play cowboys and indians. I know, I know: It's not cool. It's not nice. The cowboy-and-indian wars were terrible. We're not even supposed to call them indians anymore. Okay, I got it.

But I loved cowboys-and-indians: loved running around our house with a "six shooter" and a cowboy hat and having Matt be an indian, and Paul next door would be a cowboy, or an indian, or maybe a marshall. We'd have gun fights and get shot by bows-and-arrows and argue about who was dead and who was not, and it was endless fun that... well, ended.

It ended because by the time I was 9, "cowboys" weren't cool -- Star Wars came out and then everything was Jedis and stormtroopers and six-shooters weren't awesome anymore, not compared to Han Solo's blaster... and that's why I was both the last generation of kids to play cowboys and indians, and excited to see these shirts and shorts (which I found in the discount/sale section and were nearly half-off.) Maybe Mr F and Mr Bunches will never play "cowboys and indians" (they'll probably play Neos and Agents or Jons and Kates or something) but I can dress them up and in my mind, they'll be arguing about who's gotten shot and who hasn't.

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