Monday, June 29, 2009

My musical tastes are eclectic (3 Good Things 11)

I may have banged my funny bone on the way into the office, but I'm not down, because my 3 Good Things from yesterday keep me smilin' on through:

1. I successfully transplanted three sets of wildflowers that were growing behind the hedge in our backyard, moving them from "roadside where nobody can see them in that back alley" to "the backyard and also by our mailbox." (Sweetie thinks I shouldn't have done that, but they're in my yard -- albeit "my yard" behind the hedge on the edge of the private road that runs in back of us.)

2. I got to see Mr Bunches' new dance, this time to the Chihuahua song on the preview for Beverly Hills Chihuahua that he watched. Mr Bunches will likely one day have a one-man show on Broadway: Interpretive Dances Of Movie Trailer Music.

And here's the song, which I actually rather like:

3. Sitting and reading my Lensman book with Mr F on my lap, sharing my potato chips and watching me read. That would make anyone happy.

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