Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheap music, Great Patriotism... It's The 4th of July!

0703_300x250Don't you love patriotic music? So do I, if it's done the way America intended it be done.

America stands for one thing and one thing only: The right to get your music as cheaply as possible.

Take me, for example. I typically pay nothing for my music. How do I do that? Simple: All my music comes not from CDs or MP3s or iTunes, but instead from making surreptitious recordings of that one street musician who plays the piccolo, and then transferring them to my "iPod," which is actually a collection of tin buckets I taped together and spray-painted "IPOD" on.

Scoff if you want -- but I get my music cheap, the way the Founding Fathers intended.

If you're not as technologically sophisticated as me, there's still a way to get music on the cheap, music that you'll love and music that will help you celebrate your 4th of July in style: Download A Salute To America, a collection of 30 Patriotic Songs from Amazon, for $1.99.

Here's the scoop: Beginning today, Amazon is selling an album of Patriotic Songs-- A Salute To America -- available for download. The regular price for this album is $9.49, and you're free to go buy it today at that price.

But if you wait until July 3, that album will be Amazon's "Deal of the Day," and will be downloadable for $1.99.

$1.99 for 30 songs! That's like... um... where's that calculator? Stupid cats. That's like pennies a song!

Plus, you're not just getting Songs, you're getting... A Salute To America! You're paying tribute to the country that protects your rights to download cheap music! It's all symbolic. Or a vicious circle. Or something.

Click those links to find out more information or go buy the album. I'd do it, but I've got to go find that piccolo guy. I want him to play some new Guns & Roses.


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