Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Quote of the Day, 30:

"He'll probably get offered a book deal."
Sweetie, about The Boy's blog.

The Boy wanted to start up a blog, and asked me how to do it. I think he was bolstered by the fact that his list of villains was far-and-away the most popular thing on The Best Of Everything last month.

So last night, I sat down and showed him how to create and account and helped him come up with a name for his blog (Mean True Things, a name that came from him saying "I only say mean things when they're true" in response to my telling him to think up a saying that he likes). He completed his first test post and then I left him on his own and went upstairs to bed to report to Sweetie what we'd done.

Sweetie, who knows that I'm trying to springboard all my writing and blogs and stuff that I do instead of "actual work" into Hawaii, etc., said today's quote, and she's right. For all I know, The Boy has a three-book deal with movie rights optioned already.

In fact, when he came downstairs this morning, he was on his cell phone and didn't answer when I asked who he was talking to. He said he got a call in the middle of the night. It was probably Steven Spielberg.

You can read The Boy's Blog here.

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