Monday, June 29, 2009

Now, about that grungy backpack you use, too.

So, college graduate (or precocious high school graduate?) you're going to celebrate your first year of post-academic freedom by heading off to Europe, . See the old world, visit historical spots, get to know other cultures, find some Amsterdam lodging...

... yeah, I bring that up because I know. I know (we all know) that you're going to drink, smoke things you can't smoke here, and otherwise do stuff that you'll post to Facebook and then complain about people seeing.

Well, go ahead. The rest of us adults, the ones who already have legitimate jobs, will be waiting to Google you and then bump your starting salary down $5,000 after we see those pics (we'll do that out of jealousy.) But do us all a favor, okay? Quit staying in those grungy hostels, will you?

What, after all, is the appeal of sleeping on a cot in a room full of 65 other people, all of whom you secretly suspect of trying to slip you something or steal your backpack, or both? Especially when you consider the alternative: A short-term apartment in Amsterdam.

You can find just that -- a short term apartment -- through Short Stay Amsterdam, a website that matches up travelers like you with apartments for a brief stay. You could get an apartment in Amsterdam for about 250 Euros a night -- but not just any apartment. An apartment that sleeps up to six, right in the heart of Amsterdam, and which looks like this:
That is what you get for your 250-Euros-per night. It has a kingsize bed in one room. It's got a private shower and bath, and has a flatscreen TV and DVD in it. It's close to breweries, shops, cafes, restaurants, and the Rijksmuseum.

All for 250-Euros a night. You and five friends will pay only 40 Euros each per night.

Sure beats a hostel, doesn't it? You bet it does.

So go. Get your wild oats out of you. Take pictures -- blur your face before posting them, dummy -- and have some fun. But do it in style.

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