Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This is the best possible way to introduce your Babies! to the wonders of rock'n'rolll, and monsters. And tamales.

I have decided to take a stand. I know, I know -- I don't usually get all political and opinionated, but I think that things have deteriorated enough in this country that I am compelled, required, to act, to choose a side and declare an opinion and pick up the Torch of Righteousness, bearing it to the Eternal Flame of Truth, where it will shine its light on the Reflecting Pool of Justice, right next to the Hot Dog Stand of Liberty.

The stand that I am taking is that I am firmly in favor of unique baby clothes that are cool, not lame.

It's bound to be controversial, I'm sure, but as the saying goes, you cannot change the casserole of society without breaking a few eggs of uptightness. Or something.

Here's what's gotten into my craw: Baby clothes generally suck. I got Mr F and Mr Bunches dressed this morning, and the best clothes they had available were a boring blue t-shirt and some shorts. Baby clothes have things like ducks and trucks and chickens and race cars on them.

Why would Babies! want to wear things like that? What proof is there that Babies! like trucks? Or horses? Or the color blue?

None -- there's no proof of that.

Luckily for me, I am not bound to keep dressing my boys in lame clothes, because I've found cool clothes for them at Clothes like the ones I would wear -- rock & roll t-shirts (like the ones alongside here) and, even better:

Clothes that feature the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It's all about being hip for today's toddlers on the go. Why should they be embarrassed at the park or mall by being dressed in baby clothes when they could be wearing retro t-shirts starring Dad's favorite bands/monsters?

Seriously, these clothes are excellent and I am going to steal back my credit card from Sweetie and go buy the Babies! a bunch of them. I mean, look at this one:

I love that. I wish it came in my size. They've got a bunch of cool t-shirts over there on, plus hats and shorts and swimwear and more, and if you want your Babies! to be as awesomely cool as mine are going to be, you'd better get buying.

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