Friday, July 03, 2009

We did get a couple of pictures but they weren't very good. (3 Good Things 16)

Independence Day! And I'm celebrating my Independence from ... British royalty, and work (not necessarily in that order) with my 3 Good Things from yesterday:

1. Wearing my Green Lantern t-shirt. In the office. On a Friday.

2. Learning that when Sweetie takes the Babies! for rides -- Mr F and Mr Bunches love car rides -- the older kids go along almost every time. And the older kids have favorite routes they take. And that they have different routes for the rides. And that the routes have names. (The favorite? They all agree: The Waunakee Route.)

3. My trip with Sweetie and the Babies! downtown last night to take pictures of the Airstream convention and a wall mural that I found hidden by another building. While almost entirely unsuccessful in the picture-taking department, it was highly successful in the "pleasant, relaxing drive on a Friday evening" department.

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