Friday, July 03, 2009

24/7 Spares and I saved the universe today. (No thank you's are necessary.)

I just thought I'd let you know that I saved the universe today. That's right. I did my part -- and it's not even 7 a.m. here. What have YOU done with yourself?

Here's how I did it. I needed some Car Parts for the ol' Dodge Durango, the car Sweetie drives, and the car that's had some difficulties with the A/C, which Sweetie uses about 10 months of the year. I think she turns it off from January 1 - January 5, but I'm not sure.

New car parts, though, are not only expensive -- and who can afford THAT in a recession?-- but damaging to the environment. Buy a new car part and you'll have to throw your old one away and someone else will throw THEIR old car parts away, and eventually, the world is buried in heater matrixes.

Too complicated? Think of it this way: Everytime you buy a new car part, an angel cries.

Seriously, new car parts are a disaster for the environment, and the environment is a part of the universe (in case you didn't know.) So I buy used car parts. It's called "recycling," and it's good for the environment -- recycling car parts helps keep the Earth green.

And it was easy. All I had to do was go to 24/7 Spares' Car Parts Finder and start looking up Durango parts. Right there on the 24/7 Spares website along the left side, there was a list of car types. Click "Dodge," Click "Cooling," Click "Compressor," and right then and there I'm ready to have my used A/C compressor shipped to me, saving me money and giving me the part I need to have put in my car.

And THAT is how I, with 24/7 Spares, saved the universe this morning, in my pajamas. And, on second thought, thank you's ARE necessary. I take mine in 10s and 20s.

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