Saturday, July 04, 2009

If you want to be online, you want (And you want to be online. Trust me.)

Yesterday, Middle asked me where our phone books are. "We don't have any," I said.

"How am I supposed to look up a phone number?" she asked.

"The way everyone else does," I said. "Google it."

We now live in an online-business world. When the news broke that Steve McNair had been shot, Sweetie went and looked up the details online. The Boy posts movie reviews on his own blog. I get my music online; Sweetie gets her books online.

That's why online business development is more critical than ever. People simply don't read newspapers and magazines as much as they used to. Television, too, is being changed by the Internet -- just the other day I heard that ads for "The Simpsons" on are more expensive than ads for "The Simpsons" on TV.

But most people aren't as familiar with the Internet as they need to be to properly use it to build a business. We don't know how to program websites, how to maximize search engines for our business, or do some of the more obscure stuff -- like keep OUR websites from being confused with scammers' sites.

VenalTech does. They know how to do it all. Whether you're running a law office, selling books, marketing to a specific group or the general public, VenalTech will help you build up an existing business, or will help you develop a brand new idea fo ra business. They've got web developers and programmers who can do anything from create the next Facebook to setting up a simple, clean website to sell your t-shirts through.

They make the website, as simple or complicated as you'd like, they set up how to sell through it, provide visitor interaction opportunities, position your site on page one of search engines, run banner ads, videos, and other solicitations, set up cost-per-click links, and even work with social networks to build your brand up on Youtube or Twitter or MySpace. That's their most popular service, in fact: their Social Media Marketing is already being used by a lot of Fortune 500 corporations... so using it just may put you in that kind of elite company.

If you want VenalTech to help you, call them 1-(888)-838-8185 or click that link above. It's time to be online, and they'll get you there.

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Anonymous said...

They built an online business for me about 6 months ago. It has been profitable since 3 months in. It makes money from advertisers but also subscription memberships.

Rumor has it, the president of the company, Brian Holt, was/is the owner of and This guy turns everything he touches into gold.